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Hollymount Primary School

Assessment and Tests

As a school we use a range of assessment strategies to help us understand what the children have learnt and what they still need to learn. This assessment is all linked to the ARE statements and intended learning in our curriculum. 

For core subjects you can view this intended learning here - Click here

For foundation subjects you can visit each subject and view their curriculum map (all on the website) 

Formative assessment 

This is the most important form off assessment and is where our staff are observing and questioning children using a range of strategies to gain an understanding as to how they are learning and retaining information they are being taught. 

From here the teachers and staff can then change lessons, provide intervention and offer extra support. 

Summative assessment 

In KS1 and KS2 we start to use 'tests' to help inform our judgements and understanding of how the children are progressing. We use a range of tests but our main testing points are NFER tests, which we do in spring and summer terms.

NFER tests 

The children sit NFER tests in reading and maths in year 1 to 6 (year 6 children also sit SATS papers). 

The NFER tests are designed to test the children on the content for their year group. The teachers then mark these tests and a raw score is produced. This is then converted into a standardised score. This roughly translates into 100 being AT age related standard and 110 being greater depth. 

The NFER website explains more - Click here

Arbor and how we share judgements with you 

We assess your child formally each term and mark this onto Arbor by using a five-point assessment system, this is based on teachers’ assessments against the content of the curriculum taught so far. Good progress is indicated by the child keeping up with the demands of the curriculum e.g. EXS in Autumn and EXS in summer shows good progress. Excellent progress would be EXS in Autumn and GDS in summer. Concerning progress would be EXS in Autumn and WB in summer.

Core subjects Assessment point


Above ARE (GDS) 

Pupils are working at greater depth and demonstrate a deeper understanding in all areas of the subject


Pupils are working confidently in the subject for their year group

Working towards ARE (WTS) 

Pupils are able to access the curriculum for their year group with targeted support

Below ARE (WB) 

Pupils are working out of their year group expectations

Pre-Key Stage (PKS) 

Pupils are working significantly below their year groups expectations and possibly out of their key stage. Your child’s progress will most likely be measured against a SEN support plan or EHCP.

Foundation subject assessment points


At expected standard

Pupils have learnt the expected standards of learning for their age in this subject

Below expected standard 

Pupils have not securely met the expected standards of learning for their age in this subject