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Hollymount Primary School


Letter sent to the community on 15th December 2022 explaining our coming approach to communication in 2023 - click here

How we communicate

Following on from the letter sent to parents on the 15th December 2022 we have now made the complete move to Arbor for our communication and payment. We have left the display below to show how we have moved away from parent pay and PA connect. These have been replaced by Arbor. 

Arbor has a great set of tools and how to guides for parents that can be found here https://support.arbor-education.com/hc/en-us/sections/201716749-Using-Parent-Portal-and-the-Arbor-App-as-a-parent 


This image will be updated once the transition has fully been embedded and again please note that PA connect and parent pay have been replaced by Arbor. The rest remains the same.