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Hollymount Primary School

Headteachers Welcome

When becoming part of the Hollymount community you will be welcomed into an aspirational, kind and creative school that equips children with the academic, personal and social knowledge and skills they will need to become confident and successful individuals as they grow.

Hollymount is a school based on a strong community, academics and a nurturing culture. We pride ourselves on this and I am incredibly proud of being within the top of Merton schools academically but success for us also comes from children becoming self-assured and happy and that the school is underpinned by kindness.

The academic success we strive to achieve comes alongside our sporting, musical and wider curriculum opportunities. This matched with the Hollymount Entitlement, we believe children will have had a breadth of experiences, opportunities and excellent teaching by the time they move onto secondary school.

Staff at Hollymount are excellent and through our continued commitment to professional development, self-reflection and genuine teamwork, we continue to develop and provide an education that allows for our children to flourish. These adults work with dedication and skill to educate and care for your children and I am incredibly proud of team I lead.

Within our website you will be able to access the knowledge and skills we have ambitiously set out across the curriculum and this will give you a flavour of what the children of Hollymount will learn while they are with us. We match this alongside our assessment framework and ensure that every child reaches their potential.

All of our success in key stage two comes from the strength of our foundation stage and the early reading that is applied from nursery. With 98% of our children achieving the phonics screening pass mark in 2023, I feel confident that we are on the right path.  

Behaviour is excellent in our school and children treat each other and staff with respect and kindness. Our behaviour policy ensures this and our approach is carried out with care and consistency from staff. 

For those of you new to Hollymount, we look forward to welcoming you to the school and forming the strong partnership between us that we know is vital.

All the very best,

Joe Croft