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Hollymount Explorers

Below is the full brochure for the Explorers Camp

hollymount explorers autumn half term.pdf


To book your space onto our Half Term Holiday club please follow this link



Hollymount Explorers – Holiday Club 


Meet the Team

The holiday club team is led by Liam Kent – Smith (no picture I am afraid) who will be second in command and also staying on at Hollymount during term time as our extended schools and enrichment lead! We are excited for you to meet him.


Kumni will also be supporting the team above.

This time will be onsite on a range of different days and times but Caitlin and Liam will be your main point of contact.

Additional booking

  • Once the holiday starts you can book additional days by speaking with Caitlin onsite or by emailing explorers@hollymount.merton.sch.uk where you will then be added to the register and invoiced via Arbor


If you are at the club then please speak to any member of the team above the daily basis (Caitlin being the club lead) or email explorers@hollymount.merton.sch.uk . If this does not resolve your issue please contact sbm@hollymount.merton.sch.uk or headteacher@hollymount.merton.sch.uk

Thank you again and enjoy the club

Details for the start of the club

Please refer to your booking letter for confirmation of the dates you have booked 

  • Children can wear any clothing they wish to the club and uniform is not required
  • A packed lunch is needed each day
  • Any specific dietary requirements, medical needs or allergies have been completed on the booking form and if anything, else occurs or needs reporting to the club then please contact us or speak to staff directly
  • Pick up can be any time before the end point (3 for part day and 6 for full day) please just report to the green gate by the main entrance and ring the bell
  • Drop off will also be through this entrance at your chosen start of the day 

Additional bookings


Laser Tag' is booked for the 8th August                 Zoo Lab' is booked for the 3rd August.




Theatre school has the following bookings                          Kids Yoga is booked for 7th and 15th August

28th July (Matilda), 4th August (Oliver)                                  

and 1st September (Mary Poppins).   







We also have booked a silent disco kit and arty party clubs and this is on top of all the awesome daily activities and themed weeks that we have planned


Example week timetables 

Every week is slightly different and will include a range of standard activities as well as themed based weeks and guest bookings. Below is a breakdown of the themes and basic structure of the planned set up. 

Week 1

hollymount week 1.pdf

  Week 2  

hollymount week 2.pdf

  Week 3 

hollymount week 3.pdf

  Week 4

hollymount week 4.pdf

  Week 5

hollymount week 5.pdf

  Week 6 

hollymount week 6.pdf