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Hollymount Primary School

Information and advice on SEN

Every child is unique and special in their own way and every child makes their own journey through the educational milestones that are laid out in front of them. 

Some children develop at a rate that may cause parents concern and their child may end up being identified as having an additional need that needs to be supported and nurtured in a different way. 

This is often defined as 'special educational needs' and this can be different for every child. This need doesn't have to have a diagnosis of needs but likewise it can and we always advice parents to come and talk if they are worried. 

We have set this page up to help parents understand what SEND provision schools offer and how we can help.

Government advice 

The government, DFE and council all provide a wide range of advice and guidance and a good place to start is via the link below.


School systems 

Visiting our inclusion page provides a copy of our policies and reports. These are create by Faye Kimber who is our assistant Headteacher and inclusion lead


Phases of SEND

This document is put together to try and outline the different stages of SEND support and what this could look like 

hollymount waves of provision map.pdf

 Areas of SEND 

This document is put together to outline the areas of development need that children with SEND might need support this.

hollymount prime areas of need.pdf

 Definitions and language used 

There are a lot of areas in the inclusion world and this comes with a lot of language that can often be confusing or unknown to parents. This document is put together to help with that.

sen initialisms.pdf