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Hollymount Primary School

KS1 + KS2 Age Related Expectations (Reading, Writing and Maths)

At the end of every school year, parents will be informed of how their child has achieved against a set of standards for their age. We call these standards ' Age Related Expectations' and we have shared these with you below. 

Each term teachers will assess and make a judgement against these standards and will share these judgements with you via the 'Arbor Parent Portal'. We hope that by sharing these judgements parents will have the best understanding as to how your child is achieving in the core subjects and also what to work on at home. 


The judgements we use are:

Above ARE (GDS) - Pupils are working at greater depth and demonstrate a deeper understanding in all areas of the subject

At ARE (EXS) - Pupils are working confidently in the subject for their year group

Working towards ARE (WTS) - Pupils are able to access the curriculum for their year group with targeted support

Below ARE (WB) - Pupils are working out of their year group expectations

Pre Key Stage (PKS) - Pupils are working significantly below their year groups expectations and possibly out of their key stage. Your child’s progress will most likely be measured against a SEN support plan or EHCP.

Age related expectations 


reading are statements.pdf



writing are statements.pdf



maths are statements.pdf