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Hollymount Primary School

Key Stage 1 and 2

The school aims to provide creative and inspiring teaching for all that is varied and enjoyable so that children have enriched experiences whilst mastering fundamental skills. Children receive a well-rounded education that includes varied trips/visitors, an interesting arts programme and a range of sporting opportunities that include competitions.

We look to develop a learning culture across the school that is fostered through inter-year learning, peer teaching and also includes outdoor learning experiences.

The school works within the framework of the National Curriculum but we integrate the separate subjects as much as possible to enable pupils to make links between areas of learning.  This cross-curricular approach to learning allows for skills, knowledge and understanding across a range of subjects to be brought together to form a “topic”. Within the topic, children are able to practise and apply their English and Maths skills. 

We also believe that children learn best from experience and our curriculum is carefully planned to provide opportunities for investigation, problem-solving and visits to places of educational merit, all based on a creative and integrated topic approach.

The purpose of our curriculum, how we achieve this aim and how we evaluate the impact can be seen in Hollymount’s Big Picture Curriculum.