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Hollymount Primary School


Children at Hollymount can choose from a school dinner or packed lunch. 

For 2023/24 the Mayor of London has funded school meals for KS2 children. Alongside the infant free school meals, this means that all school lunches for primary school children are funded. 

How to book

To book a school lunch you need to inform the office of your lunch pattern that has to last for a least three weeks. This means that your child can not swap days to what you have booked or change last minute. This is to allow for the kitchen to order food in and prepare enough for the numbers booked. 

For example it is fine to only have Mondays booked, but it has to be every Monday. 

Packed lunch

If your child has a packed lunch then they bring this into school with them in the morning. They can not heat the meal up and the food can not contain nuts. 

How the children are served

The children come in one class at a time (starting with reception) and come into the hall. They get to choose from three meal options and a pudding. There is always fruit, salad and bread available and water jugs are on each table. 

Lunch staff help the children who need it and once complete the children scrape their trays and make their way outside to play.

Dietary requirements 

We are a nut free school and cater for allergies. Please contact us directly to keep us informed of dietary requirements. 

Menu -

Summer 2023

hollymount merton menu.pdf


Autumn 2023


autumn winter menu.pdf