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Hollymount Primary School

Medication Administration

This page is designed to help parents understand the school systems around medication and it's use/administration in school time. Our full policy is found in the policy page. 

Guiding principles 

- The school will support with administrating medication that has been prescribed by a doctor. 

- Parents must complete the online form below when asking the school to administer medication

- All medication must be handed into the office by the parent

- Medication needs to be in original box with prescription label, if none prescription in original box with instructions 
- Antibiotics - if it is only 3 doses a day should be managed at home, if the child is in afterschool club/teatimers or needs 4 doses school is happy to administer
- Parents to take note of inhaler and epipen expiration dates and provide new ones when required.

Consent form to be completed by parents before handing in medication to the officehttps://forms.microsoft.com/e/ESXkmTD0wy