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Hollymount Primary School

Office team



Mrs Owen & Mrs Robertson

Mrs Owen & Mrs Roberson are our new office administrators, taking over the role from Mrs Russell. They share the role, both working three days per week (Mrs Owen working on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Robertson Wednesday, Thursday and Friday). The front office role is very busy and varied but their main duties include ensuring the children are registered into school every day and making sure those children who are not in school are accounted for in a timely manner; being the central point for all school communications; collating school meals and packed lunch information; helping to organise the Hollymount Entitlement and the administration for Teatimers and Mini Explorers. 

Another important part of our role is supporting parent/carers needs and being the first point of contact for any queries and questions so please call me for any question you may have and if they cannot help, they are sure to find someone who can! 

When they are not at school, Mrs Robertson loves teaching as well as taking yoga classes and Mrs Owen enjoys long walks and can often be found walking her new puppy with a coffee in hand!


Mrs Devilliers

Mrs Devilliers is our Admissions Officer, she works from 10.30am until 4.30pm Monday – Thursday. Her primary role is to undertake the huge task of admissions procedures across the school (including arranging and undertaking school tours); she also maintains all of our pupil records (both in Arbor and paper file) and ensures they are updated where required; Although all of the office staff are first aid trained, Mrs Devilliers leads the team, ensuring that we maintain correct and accurate records for all of our children with medical needs, she is also our contact for the school nurse liaison. Mrs Devilliers is also the second point of contact in the office and will always assist you in anyway she can.

When Mrs Devilliers is not in school she enjoys skiing as well as taking her dog Buddy out for long walks.


Mrs Aldon

Mrs Aldon is Hollymount’s Finance and HR officer, you can find her in the back office between 8am and 3pm Monday to Friday. She works closely with Mrs Nardin and processes all of the schools account receivable and payable (making sure our suppliers get paid as well as chasing people who owe the school money). She undertakes the ordering of all items that staff need to run the school. Mrs Aldon also processes staff returns for payroll. Before Mrs Aldon started working in school she travelled all over South America and Asia, she can speak Spanish and once played the cello in the Purcell room of the Royal Festival Hall. Mrs Aldon is also the greatest biscuit eater in the office!


Mr Warren

Mr Warren took over from Mr Hagen as our Site Manager in November, he works at Hollymount between 10.30am and 6pm Monday to Friday.  Mr Warren undertakes a huge wide range of duties for us at Hollymount, including making sure our school site is secure, safe and clean; carrying out general maintenance of our school; monitoring the contractors that come in to undertake checks or repairs. Mr Warren also monitors our fire alarms, testing them every week and ensuring that they are in full working order. What Mr Warren enjoys most about his job at Hollymount is building new things and fixing old things.  

Interesting fact about Mr Warren: When he was at Primary school (a very long time ago…) he met a former Prime Minister and told him how much he disliked their policies!!


Mrs Nardin

I have been the School Business Manager at Hollymount since September 2021 but after being split across two Merton schools, in June 2022, I chose to make Hollymount the sole school I worked at. I work four days per week (I do not work on a Thursday) and my official hours are 8.30am to 5pm. As the school business manager, I am part of the school’s senior leadership team, assisting Mr Croft with all things relating to Finance (including contracts & procurement), HR, Health & Safety, governance and GDPR. I am very lucky to work with such a brilliant team which makes my very varied job much easier to manage. I am always happy to help with any questions or queries you may have and please do say hello the next time you see me at the gate in the morning (usually on a Friday).

When I am not working, I love to go to the theatre as well as helping out backstage for my daughter’s youth theatre company. I also love to cook and bake (not so keen on clearing up afterwards).  


Many thanks for taking the time to read all about your non classroom based team at Hollymount. We all love working at Hollymount and with your children.