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Hollymount Primary School

Our approach to Music

Intent behind curriculum delivery

At Hollymount the music curriculum enables our children to feel that they are musical and to develop a life-long love of music. We focus on developing the skills, knowledge and understanding that children need to become confident performers, composers, and listeners. Our curriculum introduces children to music from all around the world and across generations, teaching children to respect and appreciate the music of all traditions and communities.

  • - Inter-dimensional key words focused on throughout the curriculum:
    • Timbre - Timbre (Pronounced Tam-ber) is the quality of a musical note. It is what makes a musical note sound different from another one. Words like round, brassy, sharp, or bright can be used to describe the timbre of a sound.
    • Tone - tone is a vocal or instrumental sound that denotes its pitch, relevant to where it is on the musical scale.
    • Pitch - how high or low the sound is.
    • Dynamics – how quietly or loudly a piece of music should be played.
    • Duration - the length of time each note is played for.
    • Tempo - the rate of speed of a musical piece
    • Texture - Texture describes how layers of sound within a piece of music interact
    • Structure - Structure is the order that different parts of the song are played in
    • Musical notation - Music notation are the symbols used in written music. Music notation, or music notes, lets players know which note to play and how long to play it for.

Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Map - Units of work and intended learning 

music curriculum map knowledge skills and topics 2 .pdf