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Hollymount Primary School

Our approach to Religious Education

Intent behind curriculum delivery

At Hollymount Primary School, we aim to deliver high-quality RE education that will help pupils explore and learn about different faiths and beliefs, so that they can understand, accept, respect and celebrate diversity. Our RE curriculum teaches mutual respect and tolerance in a multi faith, multi-cultural classroom.

We encourage our pupils to ask questions about the world and to reflect on their own beliefs, values and experiences. We include and promote British values, ensuring that children are aware of their rights and responsibilities as UK citizens. Our curriculum is designed to encourage creativity, imagination, enquiry, debate, discussion and independence.

Curriculum overview

Progression/Links from Early Years Curriculum into KS1

Early Years have a “Topic led” curriculum which is an approach that works well for the “Development Matters EYFS, Non-Statutory Curriculum Guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage.” This includes the 7 Key Features of Effective Practice, The Characteristics of Effective Teaching and Learning and the 7 learning areas for the EYFS.  Below is an example of the topics taught in Reception and also links to how Reception’s teaching and learning, through lessons and continuous provision, ensures that knowledge and skills taught, progress well into Year 1.  


Nursery Links for RE

Knowledge and skills taught

Reception links for RE

Knowledge and skills taught

Where this links to Year 1 curriculum

Aut 1

Throughout year, talk about rules and routines and caring for others around us.


Caring for others

Aut 2

Celebrations comparison

  1. .
  2. .
  3. .
  4. Hannukah
  5. Eid
  6. Diwali
  7. Christmas

Introduce children to the celebrations and vocabulary around the celebrations


  1. Halloween & Bonfire night
  2. 2. ?
  3. Diwali
  4. Hannukah
  5. Eid
  6. The Nativity Story
  7. Christmas

Covered in much more depth, over whole weeks

Gifts and giving

1-3. Christmas, gift giving

4 – 6. Eid, gift giving

Spring 1


Who celebrates Easter?

The Easter Story

How is Easter celebrated?


Who celebrates Easter?

The Easter Story

How is Easter celebrated?

Easter and Surprises

  1. Palm Sunday
  2. Maundy Thursday
  3. Good Friday
  4. Surprises
  5. Easter Sunday
  6. How is Easter celebrated?

Spring 2

Through out year, talk about being a good friend



 Curriculum Map - Units of work and intended learning 

re curriculum map knowledge skills and topics.pdf

At all points we take account of the Merton SACRE agreed syllabus for the teaching of religious Education. Our subject leader carefully cross references our curriculum map, resources, supporting schemes to ensure this leads to high quality teaching of RE. 

More information on the Merton SACRE can be found here