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Hollymount Primary School

Year 2

What to expect from year 2

In year 1 the children mastered the basics of early reading and have had a year of more formal learning. These skills set the children up for year 2 where the focus of academic year becomes even more prevalent. 

Within year 2 the children will be learning to take previous learning and layer new knowledge alongside and on top of this. This is a difficult skill and one year 2 spend time on achieving. 

We also find that year 2 children have to adjust to the behaviour expectations and adults working in year 2 will now start to expect the early years learning to be embedded and good learning behaviours to be instilled in the child.

Meet the year Team 


Hannah Clarke - Class Teacher


Claire OJ - Class Teacher and Head Of Phase

Jodie Little - Class Teacher

Key Stage One support Staff Team


Maria Millan

Anna Busa

Kerry Rogers

Michelle Patterson


Maxine Hand


Lynne Asghar

Our Timetable 

Learning Behaviours and expectations 

Meet the teacher presentation 



Useful information 

Year 2 phonics meeting presentation - held on 2nd October 2023