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Hollymount Primary School

Year 2

What to expect from year 2

In year 1 the children mastered the basics of early reading and have had a year of more formal learning. These skills set the children up for year 2 where the focus of academic year becomes even more prevalent. 

Within year 2 the children will be learning to take previous learning and layer new knowledge alongside and on top of this. This is a difficult skill and one year 2 spend time on achieving. 

We also find that year 2 children have to adjust to the behaviour expectations and adults working in year 2 will now start to expect the early years learning to be embedded and good learning behaviours to be instilled in the child.

Meet the year Team 


Hannah Clarke - Class Teacher


Claire OJ - Class Teacher and Head Of Phase

Jodie Little - Class Teacher

Key Stage One support Staff Team


Maria Millan

Anna Busa

Kerry Rogers

Michelle Patterson


Maxine Hand


Lynne Asghar

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