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Hollymount Primary School

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Name of Headteacher and Chair of Governors

Headteacher:  Mr. Joe Croft

Head Of Governors:  Dr. Janko Calic 

Address and contact details

 Tel:    020 8946 0454
Hollymount School,
Cambridge Road,
SW20 0SQ

Contact details of key staff

office@hollymount.merton.sch.uk -  for general enquiries

replies@hollymount.merton.sch.uk - for  enquiries from existing parents

schooladmissions@hollymount.merton.sch.uk - Admissions enquiries

pupilabsences@hollymount.merton.sch.uk - reporting any absences/lates

finance@hollymount.merton.sch.uk - invoices and financial queries

chairofgovs@hollymount.merton.sch.uk - to contact the Chair of Governors

headteacher@hollymount.merton.sch.uk - Headteacher 

kellydaffue@hollymount.merton.sch.uk - Deputy Headteacher (Teaching + Learning) 

fayekimber@hollymount.merton.sch.uk - Assistant Headteacher - (Inclusion/SEND/Mental Health Lead)

felictywhite@hollymount.merton.sch.uk - Senior Leader (English and Assessment)

sbm@hollymount.merton.sch.uk - School Business Manager 

The Headteacher is our designated safeguarding officer and the assistant, deputy and business manager are all Deputy Designated Safeguarding officers 

You can find out about our office team by reading our most recent letter outlining our office structure by clicking here

You can request paper copies of policies or any other information by contacting the office above

You can read our privacy notice by - clicking here 



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